OUR INSTRUCTORS:Are hand-picked, professional commercial pilots with significant hours and specialist skills. They are not only flight instructors but also mentors, with vast knowledge about the flying world.

TRAINING/EXPECTATIONS: We specialise in one to one training to enable achievement, for a fair price in a chosen time frame.
We train people from all walks of life; most take up flying as a hobby, some do it for the challenge, others have become aircraft owners, airline pilots, corporate pilots and instructors. One student achieved a PPL in under 8 weeks; others prefer a gentler pace.
We network at all levels of the flying world, and offer creative solutions.
We hope our customers will be punctual, friendly, communicate openly, ask questions, enjoy our bespoke service, pay promptly.

INSURANCE: Cover is per the statutory requirement for each individual aircraft.

SELF STUDY/GROUND SCHOOL: “flying the kitchen sink”. In every case, self-study will seriously reduce training costs; we will guide on self study methods free of charge, or if preferred offer bespoke ground school at a cost.

TRIAL/INTRODUCTORY FLIGHTS: Designed specifically for those considering becoming a qualified pilot. A basic package at £95 includes a take off, landing, flight, a pre flight brief, and a discussion on how to become a professional pilot. An upgraded and more comprehensive package is £170, but, we encourage you to discuss what ‘focus’ is suitable for you so we can tailor introductory packages accordingly. Invariably these flights are ‘hands on’ with the ‘student’ at the controls. (Dual controls are fitted to all our aircraft)

SAFETY/SECOND PILOT: We offer a short course for friends and family who regularly ‘accompany’ in the co-pilot’s seat, but don’t intend to become a full PPL. Details on application.

AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT: Priced & tailored according to needs, can include Total Management, Delivery, Positioning, Maintenance, Storage, Hangarage, Records, Cleaning, all other services.