AIRCRAFT: Cesna 152/172; Piper Warrior PA28; Grumman AA5.
We can also train on your aircraft; hired aircraft & group owned aircraft.

AIRCRAFT RATES: (All VAT inclusive) Per engine hour;
£170 for a C152 including instructor,
£125 for hour building packages, (fully negotiable)
£135 for solo hire.
£190 hr, including instructor, for a 4 seater C172/ Piper PA28 & Grumman AA5

However, our rates are individually negotiable & tailored in all situations; and prices are agreed before any training commences. We also tailor Individual, value packages for hour builders, & budding commercial pilots. Please talk to us.

COMPLETE COURSES/PACKAGES can be agreed by negotiation. We have a special ‘safety pilot’ course for those who regularly accompany a pilot, this includes 5 hours aircraft time plus ground briefing for £999.

TRIAL/EXPERIENCE FLIGHTS: Start at £95. See training and services section.

OTHER CHARGES: Informal debriefs FOC; formal briefs £40.00 hr; Written Exams £35.00 per exam; Skills tests, renewals and revalidations all competitively priced POA.

PROFESSIONAL PILOT DUTIES: Daily £285; Half Day £185; Hourly: £55 for complex & £40 non complex all VAT INC.

EQUIPMENT: Maps, knee pads, headsets, books and equipment; we’ll guide you to the best and most competitive suppliers and products, retailers & online.

AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT AND REPOSITIONING: Please enquire, cost and services vary widely. (see training and services section)

TERMS: We believe in being open and fair:
We prefer not to take large sums in advance, for bloc/whole courses.
We will always offer reasonable and competitive terms to returning customers.
No membership/lock in fees are charged.
Our customers remain free of any ongoing obligation from MG Aviation.
We expect our customers to pay at completion of a training session.